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Pentland School is North Lanarkshire council’s designated specialist provision for primary pupils with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties and is situated in the Townhead area of Coatbridge.

The school has a maximum capacity of 30 pupils. For 2017 the teaching compliment is 8.77 full time teachers including the Head Teacher, Depute Head Teacher, Principal Teacher, and Support Teacher. The school also has five full time Classroom Assistants.

The school maintains very close links with parents and enjoys many and varied contacts with the local community.

Pentland School
Tay Street
ML5 2NA 

t. 01236 794833 
f. 01236 434884
e. ht@pentland.n-lanark.sch.uk
Pupils attending Pentland are required to wear a Royal Blue Sweatshirt and a  light blue polo shirt. Each item of clothing has the schools’ logo embroidered on the chest area. Pupils should wear black/dark grey trousers or skirt.
The current cost of the uniform is:
  • Sweatshirt £8.95
  • Poloshirt £7.50
Physical Education lessons (P.E.) require rubber soled sandshoes and yellow T-shirts, both which are provided by the school. Pupils may bring in shorts or jogging bottoms for their comfort and to fully benefit from this aspect of the curriculum. 

Autumn/Winter 2017/18

If your child has a food allergy please contact the school directly to discuss.

Our Vision

In Pentland we have a shared vision. We aim to improve our children’s emotional health and wellbeing to allow them to move on as learners and achieve educationally. We use the curriculum therapeutically to raise self-esteem. We teach all aspects of the Curriculum for Excellence enhanced by the explicit teaching of social skills, peace, rights based education, global citizenship and conflict resolution. We regularly adaprt the way we think, teach and assess in order to do this effectively.
Our Values

At Pentland we all value our calm, peacekeeping school where we share ideas and help each other. We all value our agreed rights to be safe, be happy and have fun, to disagree respectfully, to talk and be heard, to be treated kindly and fairly and to learn in peace. We all are encouraged to follow our agreed responsibilities to ensure our values are upheld.
Our Aspirations

To consolidate our values and vision and continue our journey towards being a school of excellence through continuous and rigorous evaluation and improvement involving all staff, pupils, parents and all other stakeholders.

The school was subject to a routine HMIe inspection in March, 2009. The report was excellent with the inspectors declaring that the school “is the best of its kind in Scotland”.
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Pentland School, Tay Street, Coatbridge, ML5 2NA.  Tel: 01236 794833  Fax: 01236 434884
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